Power Duo Clear + Transform
Power Duo Clear + Transform

Clear + Transform

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  • Looking for advanced results? Let our award-winning powerduo enhance your routine. These products work hand in hand to unclog pores and significantly refine the skin.

  • Skin Type: All skin types
  • Skin Type: + All skin types
  • Ingredients: Glycolic acid/AHA, Salicylic Acid/BHA, Butterfly Pea Flower Extract View all
Skin Type:
+ All skin types
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How does it work?

  • Fights breakouts and blackheads

  • Reduces signs of ageing

  • For a radiant, healthy glow

Reveal your inner glow with these gentle exfoliants that slow down ageing and unclog congestion.

The daily BHA Liquid Exfoliant removes dead skin cells, clearing out and balancing the skin by working both on the surface and deep within the pores. Once a week, the AHA + BHA Peel resurfaces and transforms the skin by smoothing out wrinkles, evening out sun damage and refining texture in just 10 minutes. The two formulas work together to unlock your glowing skin hiding just beneath the surface.


What's inside?

This set includes:

Skin Perfecting 25% AHA + 2% BHA Exfoliant Peel (30 ml)

A gentle rinse-off exfoliant peel that dramatically resurfaces skin. The multi-acid blend is suitable for weekly use and visibly smooths wrinkles, refines rough, bumpy texture, brightens tone & unclogs pores.

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Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant (118 ml)

Fast absorbing liquid formula removes built-up dead skin cells and fights blackheads.

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How to use

2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

Gently apply using fingers or a cotton pad all over the face and neck, including the eye area (avoid lash line and eyelids) after cleansing and toning. Do not rinse. Start slowly: Apply every other day and note the skin's response. Then use up to twice daily. For daytime, always finish with a sunscreen rated SPF 30 or higher. For nighttime, follow with the rest of your routine.

25% AHA + 2% BHA Exfoliant Peel

Once a week, use on clean skin. Apply a generous layer all over the face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Do not use other exfoliants on the same day as this product. Please note: Slight tingling may occur; if this happens, it should subside within a moment or two. If it does not subside or intensifies, rinse off the peel immediately with warm water. Do not use on compromised, sensitised skin. Sun protection advice when using any AHA exfoliant: This product contains alpha hydroxy acids, ingredients that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and the possibility of sunburn. Always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 or higher every day. When outdoors, wear protective clothing whenever possible, seek shade, and avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Don't forget to alternate use of these products and never use both the BHA Liquid and the AHA + BHA Peel in the same day, as this duo works most safely and effectively when alternated.

Clear + Transform


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Power Duo Clear + Transform

Clear + Transform

€ 85,00
15% set discount
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