Our sustainable journey


For us, formulating great skincare isn't enough. We acknowledge our business has an impact on the planet and living beings and take responsibility for our actions. As always, we start with the research and publish the facts transparently. 

Our ESG (environmental, social and governance) Impact Report documents our measurements for greenhouse gas emissions, packaging, diversity, equity and inclusion and employee wellness. These findings serve to spotlight the areas that need our attention and action.

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Here’s a snapshot of what we’re up to so far:

Greenhouse Gas Reduction & Offsetting Carbon

After completing our first inventory in 2022, we are actively working on establishing greenhouse gas reduction goals & building comprehensive plans around them. We aim to communicate our plan in our next ESG Impact Report. The truth is—we can’t offset our way out of climate change. While our focus is on meaningful emission reductions, offsetting through Cloverly allows us to make a positive impact now. We are offsetting greenhouse gas emissions from transportation of each order placed via our websites across the US, AU & the EU. Additionally, we’ve planted a total of 7500+ trees to help offset emmissions from employee air travel.

Our offsetting projects


In Europe, all our paper shipping materials are made of FSC certified paper and are fully recyclable. We have already begun incorporating recycled plastic into our packaging and are continuing to make improvements. Here are our goals: + Transition all individual paper product cartons to FSC-certified paper stock from sustainably managed forests by 2025 + Reduce use of virgin plastic in our packaging by 50% by 2026* + Achieve 50% recycled content in our plastic packaging by 2027** + Ensure that 75% of our plastic bottles are designed for recyclability by 2030 *Compared to our 2021 baseline. **By weight across our line.



Sea shipments are prioritised over air shipments for the transportation of our products. We require employees to travel by train over plane for business travel within Europe where possible. Public transport is fully compensated and we provide bikes for our employees to use. To reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, we are beginning to localise our supply chain and find alternative delivery options. + In 2022 we partnered with Cycloon in The Netherlands to deliver orders via bike couriers in larger cities. + In 2023 we opened a new warehouse in Germany to help reduce the distance our orders need to travel to our German and Austrian customers and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.


Social Impact

We wouldn’t be where we are without the hard work of our employees and the support of our communities. By nurturing an inclusive workplace, we aim to create an environment where all individuals can thrive, contribute and find success within our organization. Our highlights so far: + In 2022 we facilitated various employee volunteering events, resulting in 650+ hours spend helping communities across Europe and the US. + All our EU employees have a dedicated training budget to develop their career. +In the US the On the Rise program is a yearlong project designed to support and amplify the voices of 10 Black content creators. + We are passionate about giving back to our communities. In 2022 we donated to 7 different organisations that support DEI efforts and sustainable initiatives.

Sustainability is a journey which we are committed to. Please share your thoughts or questions with our customer care team. Follow us on our social channels to stay informed on our latest sustainable actions.