Is Resist Anti-aging better? And who should use it?

Do you find it difficult to choose between the many products in the Paula’s Choice Resist collection or one of the other Paula’s Choice skincare collections? Here we explain who each product is intended for and how you can add our products to your skincare routine. You will also find out why individual products help prevent skin ageing.

Paula’s Choice has developed two Resist collections, one for normal to dry skin and one for normal to oily skin. It means we have the most comprehensive anti-ageing product collections on the market. The other Paula’s Choice collections are also suitable for reducing the signs of ageing.

The difference is that the products in the other skincare collections also address other skin problems. The Skin Recovery collection contains more soothing and calming ingredients for dry to very dry skin. The Skin Balancing collection has lighter formulations, which restore the balance of combination or oily skin.

Frequently asked questions

We have received a lot of questions about our Resist Anti-Aging collection since its launch. Here are some of the most frequently asked at a glance:

How does the Resist line differ from the other Paula’s Choice skincare collections?

In most cases, the products in both Resist collections have a more complex formulation than the products in the other Paula’s Choice skincare collections. They contain more high-grade anti-ageing ingredients to help prevent wrinkles, make the skin firmer and improve skin tone. The Resist collection for normal to oily skin visibly reduces enlarged pores and fights acne and the spots caused by acne without making the skin feel heavy or oily.

Can I use Resist products alongside each other or combine them with products from any of the other Paula’s Choice skincare collections?

You can easily combine Resist products with other Paula’s Choice products.

What skincare routine should I follow if I only use Resist products and have normal to dry skin?



What skincare routine should I follow if I only use Resist products and have combination or oily skin and/or skin that is prone to spots?



When should I start using Resist Anti-Aging products?

Age is not a skin type. There is no “magical” age at which you should start using anti-ageing skincare, just as there is no right age to start eating more healthily. You grow older every year and so does your skin. In fact, you can’t start early enough when it comes to prevent the signs of skin ageing.


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