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How Much Time Do you Take Between Applying Two Products?

We’re often asked “how long should you wait between applying different products in your skin care routine?’’ We have one simple answer, you do not have to wait! Ultimately, it is more about how the products feel and your preference than about how the products absorb or set.

Can the skin process so many products at once?

The reason you do not have to wait between applying two products, is that the skin can easily process different effective ingredients at the same time. One product will never 'stop' the other product or negatively affect its purpose. Because every ingredient has a unique influence, it would be a shame to not give your skin everything it needs to look and feel younger, smoother and more hydrated.

When choosing how to apply products, some people prefer to wait between applications. Others prefer to put the different products in layers one behind the other. Most products can even be hand-mixed and then applied at once. All these methods are fine. The most important thing is that you do not have to wait in all cases which saves time!

What about AHA and BHA exfoliants?

It is also worth noting that applying skincare products with different PH levels does not reduce the products effectiveness. You can apply a moisturiser or serum immediately after an AHA or BHA exfoliant, which when well formulated, will have the low PH it needs to exfoliate skin effectively.

A few exceptions to the layering rule

  • If you find that the combination of products you use, when applied one right after the other, tends to roll or ball up, it may be better to let the first product dry before you continue with the rest of your routine.
  • Using a product with SPF is always the last part of your skincare routine. In this case, it is wise to wait for it to set before applying your make-up. It is a bonus if you apply a moisturiser, foundation and sunscreen (all with at least SPF 30) in layers. This provides extra protection against harmful UV rays.
  • If you use a product containing benzoyl peroxide, it is best to wait until this product has been fully absorbed before applying a serum and/or moisturiser. Benzoyl peroxide works best when it has the chance to absorb into the skin first. This only takes a few seconds.

The fact that you do not have to wait between applying the different products in your routine saves time. In addition, it gives you the chance to experiment with adding our boosters and serums to your routine. This takes little time or effort, but can make a big difference to your skin.

Want to know more about what each product in our collection does and how they can be combined? Then read our article on how to personalise your skincare routine.


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